“Everyone in the whole world… was Indian in at least one past life”.
(Gregory David Roberts, “Shantaram”)

Welcome to the site
of the real Indian cuisine restaurant
“Taj Mahal”!

India is a country of many nationalities, tribes and peoples having the most complicated and sophisticated cooking techniques. Indian cuisine absorbed all the diversity of ancient traditions and customs of this mystic and magical country, there is no exact recipes, proportions, rules here. Indian cook creates a meal by guess-work, instinctively relying on thousand years’ experience of a number of past generations, that is hidden somewhere deep in underconsciousness, relying on his own view of life and harmony of mixing tastes, he puts his heart in a meal like artists or musicians building-up a work of art. Therefore, similar looked meals, with the same name, often taste differently, every time showing new features to gourmets. It is the reason why it is impossible to teach a foreigner to cook real Indian meals, because it is impossible to follow the logic of Indian master, as one cannot gain an insight into India’s character to a full degree.

Understanding and love to Indian meals with their most unreal and unusual for us tastes mixture do not come at once, but from the very first introduction to them you will surely get a lot of new mouth feels, that could surprise and even shock you. Even at the first meeting with Indian art of cooking, somewhere deep in your sole, something new will arise, something charming, imperceptibly attractive, gently and unconsciously causing you to thrash over to the roots, forcing you at the end to taste once again wonderful creation of Indian masters.

Restaurant “Taj Mahal” is a cozy place established in 2003 for lovers of original, exotic flavors and admirers of vegetarian food.

Here the wine does not flow like water, the drunken company does not make noise, dance music does not roar. Here you will find a quiet relaxing atmosphere, intimity of romantic dinner and enjoying of unusual meals. In “Taj Mahal”, together with your friends and a sweetheart, with family and colleagues, you will feel the real multitude of aromas and distinctive tastes and touch for the moment the sense of mystic ancient India. The magicians of Indian cuisine, using quality goods, flavored with exotic dressings and spices brought from the heart of India, will cook for you steaming hot gentle flat cakes, fabulous desserts and fragrant ethnic tea, and attentive staff will surround you with warmth and care.